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Terminal Lance “Ready for Action”


Hopefully Abe isn’t biting off more than he can chew here (or his boot, at least).

With the horrendous events that unfolded over the weekend in Paris, it’s understandable to see a lot of Americans upset. Notably, I’ve noticed a lot of Marines and service members ready to take the fight to ISIS and into the middle east. The President has already noted that a large scale ground conflict is most likely not going to happen any time soon, so don’t go blowing your paycheck on new boots and high-speed chest rigs just yet.

I’ve definitely noticed a large shift in the Marine culture over the last couple of years as things have died down with Afghanistan. Peacetime is in full swing, deployments are in low order and Marines are hungry for action. For whatever appetite you may have for such things, never forget that war is very real. I think the US is right to use caution, lest we be dragged into another quagmire in the same sands of Iraq as we were before.

I’m not an expert on such matters, and I trust that people much smarter than myself have better ideas than yours truly. Still though, I’m interested to see where these events take us.

It’s hard to deny the feeling that Friday’s attacks had the aroma of an impending new era of conflict.

On a lighter note, you might have noticed that there’s a new character in the Terminal Lance canon. I’ve just been calling him Boot.

He doesn’t rate a name.

Lastly, Terminal Lance has an official new Twitter account! Of course, you can also still follow my personal one here.

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