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Terminal Lance #390 “Gunny Envy”


Poor First Sergeant.

It’s not his fault that the Marines don’t like him. Gunny gets it easy, he gets to sit in his office all day and acquire cool shit for the Marines. He rarely wastes your time in formation, and when he does give a libo brief, it’s short and hilarious. First Sergeant has the dubious honor of being the company’s Green Weenie representative. No one wants to talk to him, because generally talking to him means you’re in some kind of trouble.

Any time the company CO has bad news? He sends First Sergeant out to break it to the platoons. Gunny doesn’t give you guys bad news, Gunny just takes care of you. Leave gets cancelled? That’s not Gunny’s fault, he’s not the one approving leave requests. Gunny tells you to go on a working party? Don’t blame him, he’s just doing what the CO and First Sergeant told him to do.

Everyone loves Gunny.

Gunnery Sergeant (Gunny) in an infantry company is probably the best rank. There’s only one of you (usually) and you’re too high for anyone to bother you but not high enough to really take the blame for anything. You spend all day trying to hook Marines up with new gear and less shitty field conditions so everyone basically loves you. Additionally, somehow, Gunny’s are always genuinely funny to listen to. It’s like they attend a comedy workshop after picking up rank just to keep everyone loving them.

Gunny is your friend, it’s First Sergeant that’s a dick.

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For your weekend liberty brief, I’m going to refer you to your company Gunny. Please text your company Gunny and let him know that Terminal Lance told him to give you a liberty brief.

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