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Terminal Lance “Justified Viewpoints” (Marine Corps Times)


I try to make fun of everyone equally on this site. Boots and Staff NCO’s are easy targets, but occasionally it’s important to turn the viewing glass around on yourself. For as much as I love Lance Corporals, they are a handful for any command.

I often imagine the company or battalion command just sitting in their office, drinking, wondering why this happened to them. This being the responsibility of being in charge of 150-1000 18-24 year old males. Young age turns to salt and bitterness as “incidents” (as they are known) start to stack up in the company every weekend.

It’s no wonder it always seems like they’re fucking with you.

They hate you as much as you hate them.

Anyway, this is a strip from the Marine Corps Times newspaper. This week is a little crazy for me, I’m taking a very quick trip to LA, where I will not be attending E3, despite the convenient timing and my own lamenting.

Speaking of E3, how about that latest Metal Gear Solid V trailer?


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