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Terminal Lance “Like a Dog” (Marine Corps Times)


Dogs seem to be a common theme over the last couple of weeks around here. For as stupid as this joke is, I always really liked this comic. As much fun as using curse words and the like are, sometimes I just enjoy a silly joke now and again. MRE’s are a mainstay of typical infantry culture, but that doesn’t make them any less despised. In all fairness, the newest MRE’s are actually not nearly as bad as they have been in the past.

Still though, we know where they get their meat.

With the long holiday weekend where I avoided my computer like a syphilitic barracks rat in heat, and with everything I have to get done today I actually didn’t get a chance to make a new comic strip, so here is a previously published comic from the Marine Corps Times to quench your thirst.

The thirst.

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