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Terminal Lance #338 “The Lance Corporal Underground II”


The Lance Corporal Underground is not a place of mythology or science fiction, despite what many young commissioned officers would believe. Broadly, the Lance Corporal Underground refers to the almost legendary methods that the lower enlisted use to acquire and spread information and rumors. Oftentimes, news of upcoming field ops or extended weekends will hit the Lance Corporals of a battalion before the CO has even made the decision.

As fast as one can think up the next rumor to spread, phones and Facebooks light up with messages and calls. Cryptic and ominous, the Lance Corporal Underground makes sure all of the lower enlisted know what’s going on long before it’s actually announced.

Strangely, the Underground existed long before the advent of mobile smartphones and the internet. Some believe the crossed rifles on the Lance Corporal chevron act as a radio antenna of sorts to intercept information as its broadcast from LCPL-Actual.

But alas, I would let you all in on the secrets of how the Underground operates, but then I’d have to kill you all (except for the Lance Corporals, obviously). In the meantime, I’ll just let Wolf Blitzer continue to uncover the mysteries for you.


Okay… this isn’t actually the uncovering of Lance Corporal networks, this is from his broadcast about the Hamas tunnels going into Israel. I hope you guys caught this reference, otherwise this comic isn’t nearly as funny.


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