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There are few people in history that are equally feared and respected as they are loved by all. General James Mattis is one of those people, and I think the entire Marine Corps can agree that he’s basically the baddest motherfucker in the game. I’m not going to belay you with the plethora of his accomplishments (mostly because I’m lazy), but if you’re not familiar with him I suggest you take to the Google train and purchase a ticket to Kickass Marine land. Of course, he is retired at this point, and deservingly so. I personally never had any interaction with him whatsoever while I was active duty, but those that did insist he was just as much of a Marine’s Marine then as he still is today.

I had the pleasure of meeting the good General a few weeks ago when he spoke at UC Berkeley.


I walked away alive, but with less hair on my head and a swollen prostate. I wasn’t able to get him to throw up the Terminal Lance hand signal, but luckily these fine young men were able to convince him to do it, which was what inspired today’s comic strip.


You’ll notice the camera is slightly off focus. This is because his presence (much like a demon or other-worldly spirit) causes camera distortion in most devices.

Okay, in all seriousness, legends aside, he’s actually just a really awesome guy. He’s down-to-earth, supremely intelligent, and most importantly he simply loves Marines. General Mattis’ reputation amongst Marine infantry is there for a reason, and if you ever get a chance to shake his hand, don’t be a pussy–he’s a genuinely nice guy in person.

This photo was posted on the Terminal Lance Facebook page. If you’re not a fan, why the fuck not? You can also follow Terminal Lance (me) on Twitter. Please do, I’m an attention whore. The Facebook page has garnered quite a large fan base at this point, which is great. Sometimes I receive messages from other military themed Facebook pages asking me what they can do to be as successful. The short answer is I have no idea. The long answer is I really don’t identify as a “Facebook Page.” The page serves only, for me, as a fan page for the Terminal Lance comic. My Facebook page isn’t just an outlet for me to post wookie jokes and start witch hunts on every civilian with a bad opinion about the military (like so many other military Facebook pages), the page itself supports the comic, and not vice versa.

Anyway, keep posting stuff to the page! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up in the next Terminal Lance comic.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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