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Terminal Lance #312 “NJP”


From the shadows of your company office and battalion headquarters, an ancient warrior of stealth strikes whence heeded upon by your command.

He is the Ninja… and he likes to punch Marines.

For those of you unaware, Ninja Punch refers to an “NJP” or “Non-Judicial Punishment.” This is more or less an all-encompassing term for any kind of formal punishment in the Marine Corps above a Page 11 but below a court martial. Many Lance Corporals have fallen victim to the shadow warrior, their rank stricken from their collar upon impact of his fierce and swift strikes.

Of course, an NJP doesn’t necessarily mean reduction in rank, but it certainly can if it’s bad enough. Generally, I think you’d only get busted down from a battalion NJP, but I didn’t want to draw Abe wearing his Alphas because the rank flying off wouldn’t really work. Creative license, if you will.

It’s a funny thing about the whole “Terminal Lance” thing. Despite the fact that I’m published every week in the Marine Times and basically the entire Marine Corps reads this, there’s still a funny stigma associated with my website. The term “Terminal Lance” really just means anyone that got out of the Marine Corps as a Lance Corporal. It’s typically negative because the connotation is that you either got in some kind of trouble, reducing your rank, or you were simply a total shit-bag incapable of a cutting score. This is all based on a true story, though. In my case, I simply was unable to pick up because my MOS (0351) cutting score was either laughably high or closed out completely. People that pick up Corporal with some low ass cutting score like 1400 and act like it’s an accomplishment always bothered me. There’s plenty of good Marines that fall victim to the broken cutting score system, but from what I’ve read, that’s going to change soon. Anyway, the point of this rant is that I’ve never been NJP’d or demoted, despite the fact that I got out as a Lance Corporal.

I’ve never felt the wrath of the Ninja, but I know plenty of otherwise good Marines that have. Getting an NJP or losing rank doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it just means you fucked up.

Besides, we all know the Green Weenie is one horny motherfucker, and he’s always looking for the next butthole to forcefully take.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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