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Terminal Lance “Social Media Frenzy”


If you read this comic you probably follow most of the military stuff around the world wide web as well. With that said, you’re probably more than aware of the recent Instagram debacles that the Army has been desperately trying to deal with. The first of which was an absolutely horrendous photo of a funeral guard, seen here.


For the life of me, I can’t fathom the amount of pure assholery it takes to even take a whimsical photo in front of a casket, and the additional cunt-baggery it takes to actually write the caption “We put the FUN in funeral” and upload it on Instagram. Keep in mind, the nation has been at war for over a decade. Military funerals are not a laughing matter, and these assholes seem to think otherwise. Obviously, it’s worth noting that this was during training and not an actual funeral. We’ve all taken stupid photos on the job–hell I have video of Marines lighting their pubes on fire–but believe it or not, some things really are still sacred in this world. When your job involves putting brave men and women to rest, it might not be a bad idea to practice a bit more tact than most–at least for appearances’ sake.

Our next guest on “Bad Social Media Decisions” is this fine young woman hiding in her car from a Colors ceremony of some kind, avoiding saluting the flag.


In all reality, I would argue that this particular case isn’t nearly as reprehensible as the funeral detail. I mean, honestly, we’ve all ran from Colors before. That didn’t stop the image from blowing up over the online military channels, with angry patriotic denizens even going as far as to send her death threats for the image. Not that that means anything to her, because she clearly stated she DGAFFFFF!

While both of these are pretty grossly annoying and angering on some level, I think Marines still have the Army beat. I mean, we’ve literally thrown a puppy off a cliff.

That’s a title I’m sure we’ll keep for a long time.


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