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Terminal Lance #309 “Monday Morning”


If there’s one thing that can be said about Marines, its that they basically live in a constant state of fear at any given moment. Whether its in combat or back in the rear, there’s always some stupid little thing you have in the back of your head (or on the back of your head) that you need to be worried about. With that said, of course haircuts are a big deal in the Marine Corps. In fact, I doubt you will ever experience anything at any point in your life where haircuts are genuinely important to your every day operation.

You’re standing in formation, you know you should have gotten a haircut yesterday but the line was so long you figured you’d come back later. You bought some huge thing in the PX and the line still hasn’t moved from before, so instead of just waiting with your new PS4, you just went back to your barracks room and completely forgot about it. Pro-tip: get your haircut on Saturday to avoid the lines on Sunday, no one can tell the difference of one day of growth.

More on that constant state of fear though, it’s actually really annoying. Just walking to the PX to pick up a can of Monster becomes a game of cat and mouse as you try to avoid Staff NCO’s looking to verbally molest you at any given moment for breaking a rule you didn’t know existed. This is all normal back in garrison, and you think you’d be safe in a combat zone, but nope. As soon as you step foot in a larger base full of bored POG Staff NCO’s, you’re on high alert again for something as menial as wearing dirty cammies.

Anyway, late update today, I’m hopped up on DayQuil at the moment. Apparently I picked up an angry Nebraskan virus during my last trip.

I’m off to chew motrin and drink water–and don’t worry, I’ve got clean socks waiting for me as well.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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