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Terminal Lance #294 “Marriage Benefits”


I’ve covered before, numerous times, the many varied reasons that Marines get married so young. One of them, undoubtedly, is the unequivocally better quality of life that married Marines are entitled to. This isn’t just in the form of legal benefits or regular sex (though they are great), but also in how they’re treated on a daily basis. For instance, single Marines in general get the short end of the stick, as you see in the comic. Why? Because most Staff NCO’s are actually married, so when a married Marine asks for a solid, the empathetic Staff NCO is likely to… well… empathize with him.

After all, family life is important, and being able to spend what little time you have in the rear with your family is equally important; plus, single Marines are inhuman pieces of shit with nothing better to do. Am I doing this right?

But really, being single in the military just plain sucks. There’s a reason so many young men marry the first moist hole that crosses their path upon enlisting, whether it be that girl you just met at Nashville’s or that girl back home that you were never really interested in until you found out what BAH was.

On an admin note, I won’t be putting up a new strip on Friday. I’m going out of town to Los Angeles for a media event on the set of Fox’s new show “Enlisted.” I’m also staying an extra day because I haven’t gone anywhere in a while and I’m getting a little restless, so it’s no wonder I jumped at the opportunity when the show invited me along. I won’t be personally putting up a new strip, but I’m looking at options for putting up a guest strip. If nothing else, perhaps it’s time for another Terminal Lance sketchbook entry!

I haven’t done that in a while.

Oh, lastly, check out the forum. We have a thriving community of eclectic people. Tell some war stories.

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