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Terminal Lance #279 “Those Three Little Words”


There’s nothing like a good “devil-doggin” or “lifing” to give a good “fuck you” to the start of your day. If there’s one thing I miss the least about being active duty, it’s the constant state of fear and uncertainty you’re in just walking around on base. You never know when some Staff NCO with nothing better to do is going to forcibly inch his way up your rectum for a rule you didn’t even know you broke. It’s awful. You want to change into civvies every chance you get just so you don’t have to worry about saluting and greeting people constantly.

I’ve mentioned it before, I’m sure, but the greeting is always a pain for everyone involved. No one really wants to deal with it, Staff NCO’s included, but they enforce it because it’s a rule. I’m sure there are some boot Lieutenants that get off on being saluted by people with more time in grade than they have time in the Corps, but the constant “Good morning, sir!” gets old quick.

God forbid you have to make the trip to your battalion HQ building. I got stuck on a working party there once (dirty room) and it’s non-stop, every five minutes. You’d probably get more work done if you could just focus instead of worrying about what mass of black or shiny is going to come around the corner next.

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