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Terminal Lance #272 “JJ”


Of course I don’t necessarily disagree with the “14 Marine Corps Leadership Traits,” otherwise known as the atrocious acronym JJDIDTIEBUCKLE. I think all of the things contained within this amalgam of letters are great virtues for anyone to have, Marine or not. This is one of those things you see plastered on the walls of the Duty Hut, a thing you learn as a Marine but never really care about or pay attention to. Here’s what the fourteen traits are, in order:

  • Justice
  • Judgement
  • Dependability
  • Initiative
  • Decisiveness
  • Tact
  • Integrity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Bearing
  • Unselfishness
  • Courage
  • Knowledge
  • Loyalty
  • Endurance

I always thought the acronym itself was kind of ridiculous though. It really is just a random selection of 14 virtues forced into an acronym so Marines won’t forget it. You know, because bitches love acronyms. I just can’t imagine the room where they came up with this. “14 huh? Yeah, 14 is a good number.” Why stop at 14? I’m sure there’s other random words you could throw in there, I’m sure there’s some other stupid acronym you could make out of it.

How about JJBITESDICK, I lost a few of them and replaced Unselfishness with Selflessness, since it’s a less awkward word. Now we’re at a cool 11 letters, cutting some fat off of that 14.

Yeah, lets plaster this in the duty hut instead.

In any case, I can think of one man that ties buckles:

In other news, I recently graduated and I’m kind of on the hunt for a full time position in animation and/or storyboarding, either games or film. If anyone has any info to help me out, shoot it my way at, you can check out my portfolio site here.

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Purchasing the book (and other stuff) helps me out. I don’t know what it looks like with this website and all, but I’m just one guy that runs all of this, so purchasing this stuff helps support me as a small business owner in America. You do love America, don’t you?

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