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Terminal Lance #268 “Spoon-Fed”


You’d be surprised at how much I saw this attitude going to a private art school in the Bay Area.

Okay… maybe you wouldn’t be that surprised, but still, it’s annoying as shit.

Please, tell me more about how you spent 22 years of your life in institutionalized education, and how that makes you a more well-rounded adult than someone who spent four years in the military. Tell me more about how your parents pay for your college, and your weekend partying, and your car. Tell me more about how being born with a silver spoon embedded in your rectum made you too good to join the military.

After all, only poor people join the military right?

No, and you’re an idiot. If this is your mentality, do me a favor and suck my modestly above average-sized, digitally camouflaged cock.

If having a bachelor’s degree makes you better than someone who was in the military, what does it make me when I have a bachelor’s degree and four years of the best and worst experiences of my life under my belt? On top of that, I haven’t asked my parents for a fucking penny since the day I left for the Holiday Inn and MEPS at the age of 19.

The idea that only poor, underprivileged souls could possibly bother to go to combat is a tired idea and it needs to go away. Being spoon-fed through your shit-hole your entire life doesn’t make you an adult.

Go out into the world and do something. Most of us in the military already have.


You know, I didn’t really realize how angry this sounded when I wrote it. To provide a counterpoint, I should add that I’m not implying that everyone should be in the military or needs to be. I’m saying that I hate hearing privileged kids with no life perspective tell me they were too good for the military, implying that I didn’t actually join because of my own personal and very important reasons, but because I was poor and must have needed to so I could pay for school. Also, having a degree doesn’t mean you know more than someone that spent four years in the military instead.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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