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Terminal Lance #267 “Locals”


I feel like this strip might not really apply to places like Camp Pendleton or Lejeune, but to those of us that were stationed in Hawaii or even you Okinawa vets, surely it’s something you’ve seen happen. While aboard beautiful Kaneohe Bay, it seemed like every weekend there was some new incident involving locals out in town. The Marines would have the same story every time, “They just jumped us,” when in actuality, you know Marines aren’t always the most tactful of species. Additionally, it was usually the same Marines that seemed to always get jumped out in town. Strangely, in all the three and a half years I was there, I never once ran into any locals that meant me ill-harm. Either I just hung out in the right neighborhoods, or I’m just not a complete asshole.

Of course, I’m not saying that violent crimes don’t happen for no reason, because of course they do.

All I’m saying is, well, I know Marines.

There actually was an incident, if I remember correctly, where a Hawaiian local had somehow gotten onto Marine Corps Base Hawaii and attacked a Marine. This was back in like 2010 though, and my memory is really fuzzy at this late hour, and I couldn’t find the story online, so oh well.

And pro-tip: Just cause you’re a big, bad, scary U.S. Marine, does not mean you can take a 300-lb Samoan dude (or woman).

Unfortunately, this strip is coinciding with a rather awful and horrific event in London recently, where a British soldier was violently killed with a meat cleaver in the streets by Muslim extremists. This is, of course, completely and absolutely NOT what this strip is about, if there was any confusion there.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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