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Terminal Lance “There’s Always a Reason”


So for those of you that keep track of the festivities around here, I put this strip up for public consumption with the last speech bubble left blank for your filling pleasures. This strip was submitted by a Josh Bell, I liked it because he went the extra mile and changed the background and everything. I wanted to do this because I believe that nothing I put in there would be the definitive statement made by douchebros everywhere. You know who I’m talking about; all Marines have run into the douchebro that bestows upon you the tale of why he couldn’t join the Marines. There’s always a reason, and it’s usually pretty half-hearted.

Of course, don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m not suggesting that everyone should join the Marines. No, fortunately I think the current system works well. An all-volunteer force means that only those who actually have a vested personal interest in sacrificing their freedom for 4 years will actually get the chance to say they did. There are many people in this country who simply aren’t meant to join the military, and that’s totally fine.

I think a problem many veterans have (I include myself here) is that we expect out of civilians what we know to be qualities of Marines. This is a struggle for us as we return to the civilian world; but it’s important to remember that in a free society, people will be as they are. Having expectations for people is counter-intuitive to the idea of true democracy and freedom. This is why I hate seeing all of those pro-veteran, anti-civilian memes on Facebook and such during military holidays like Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.

Some people aren’t meant to enlist, and you can’t hold that against them.

In other news, I apologize for the late update, but I was terribly distracted by all of this XBOX One business. Not to mention Collar Duty: Ghosts. On a side note, I am responsible for this week’s Into the Mangrove, so check it out!

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