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Terminal Lance #261 “Casual Encounter”


I get a lot of requests to bring the Creepy Chaplain back, he seems to be a fan-favorite of the bunch. With that said, I always feel like I need to qualify my use of the Creepy Chaplain every time I do it. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t actually have anything against Chaplains or religion in general–it’s just an easy target. Chaplains often have that weird, not sure if pedophile Mr. Rogers thing going on. With that said, they are generally really nice guys and have even helped me out when I needed some counseling, so I definitely implore you to not be afraid to seek their help if you need it.

As for Craigslist, I’m sure everyone here has at least browsed the Casual Encounters section for a good laugh. If you browse around the Marine Corps bases (like Camp Pendleton for instance) you’ll find the section littered with people craving that uniformed piece of yours. I always wonder what kind of women these are, if they’re women at all. My first thought is that they’re a wife of a deployed Marine, thus craving some digital camouflaged coitus. It’s probably a good idea to avoid anyone from these sites, for the safety of your own genital health, but especially avoid anyone specifically craving a military male.

As I’ve mentioned before, if she even knows what a barracks is, she’s probably not someone you should touch with your penis.

In other news, it’s crunch time leading up to summer, so I apologize for the late updates. Once summer rolls around and I potentially have more time, I’ve got some goodies planned for the site. Stay tuned and keep up with me via my Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook page or any other social medias I happen to be on.

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