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Terminal Lance “Marinecraft”


Okay, it’s entirely possible I only did this strip so that I could waste a night making a gigantic, squirting phallus in Minecraft. I know it’s probably in poor taste to do two penis jokes this week, but if you’re looking for finer taste in your crude Marine Corps webcomics, you probably would be elsewhere by now.

Clearly, there’s not really a point to this comic. Someone brought up Minecraft tonight and I felt like this would get a laugh or two for those of you into such games. Either way, this actually took me about as long as making an actual comic would have, if not longer since I had to build and perfect this phallic symbol for your viewing pleasure.

I feel a little no shame in this.

If you’re not familiar with Minecraft, you should get familiar. It’s the perfect game to waste away your duty or those long hours in your can on deployment with nothing better to do. It runs on basically any computer ever, so download it!

Anyway, in other news, I’ll be hosting a live “drawing class” with Google+ and VetNet today (Friday) at 1300 PST! How can you watch it? Check out VetNet Entrepreneur by clicking here and all of the information will be posted when the time comes. I believe it will be recorded on YouTube, post broadcast, for your viewing pleasure if you’re unable to make it for the live show. You can watch my last Google+ Hangout session with VetNet here! (Also featuring Brian Iglesias, Nick Jones and Garret Anderson)

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to talk about quite yet. I don’t want to wing the entire thing but I suppose tonight I’ll try to think of a decent curriculum. It’s been requested that I show instruction on perfecting the Penis Dragon, so you might be able to look forward to that.

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