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No matter how pissed off, disgruntled or angry you might be, there’s undeniably something magical and entrancing about watching the air shows that go on during Fleet Week. The Blue Angels, amongst others, are always a sight to behold. It appeals to the very id of humanity, the acrobatics and prowess of skill and human accomplishment accompanied by the booming noises emitted by the powerful engines is always astonishing.

It will give anyone a hard-on. Anyone.

You can be the most hateful person in the world, but you will look up when you hear the deafening roar of those engines. Walking through the city while the Blue Angels were performing was entertaining, not just because of the awe of flying mechanical beasts, but watching the entire city of San Francisco stop in their tracks every time they heard that roar and look up, like children (myself included).

Jets are cool as fuck. Period.

I went to Fleet Week on Sunday here in San Francisco. It was an interesting show of Marines giving AAV and 7-ton tours (amongst others) to civilians in awe of their country’s military might. Of course, being in the military gives it a whole other perspective, as seeing a 7-ton really isn’t anything new or interesting, but I enjoy looking at the faces of civilians as they gawk. There was even a pretty sweet surgical unit demonstration set up, filled with Corpsmen showing civilians around and teaching them about combat lifesaving.

…And I even got a photo with the 1171 Water Dogs.

Behind us is some contraption that converts salt water into fresh water. That’s cool.

Even in a very liberal area such as San Francisco, it’s great to see everyone come together to appreciate the military. Overall Fleet Week is pretty awesome for everyone involved.

If only for the fact that it gives tag chasers all over the city something to look forward to.

I’ll be putting up new photos on the Terminal Lance Facebook page from Fleet Week! Stand by to stand by.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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