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Terminal Lance #228 “Real Live Women!”


I always thought the idea of the cheerleaders visiting military bases overseas was awesome. Well, this is also because I’m a straight male. On another level it’s actually a very odd thing to advertise, I always thought it was funny that women are brought into these foreign countries as a spectacle of entertainment. Come see our live women! They’re actual women with boobies and vaginas! Look at them! This is nothing new or unusual, the USO is always bringing people that own vaginas overseas to boost morale and always has.

It would be one thing if these cheerleaders were offered to a platoon of infantry Marines for like a week, of course this would be some kind of grotesque act of prostitution; but the USO never brings these vagina-bearers to smaller FOBs and COPs where there aren’t actually any women. They generally only tend to make the rounds at the larger bases, the ones where you don’t have to worry about much: the Camp Leathernecks and Al Asads of the world. The irony of the spectacle being of course that there’s already a lot of females at these bases, but male Marines have a propensity to avoid female Marines as viable objects of desire.

Perhaps it’s the camouflage. Yes, I think it is the camouflage that makes it hard for male Marines to see female Marines.

Has the USO ever brought male cheerleaders to a base for the females abroad?

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