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Terminal Lance #219 “Top it Off”


Terminal Lance typically takes one of two routes in terms of humor: There’s the route where I try to make a joke out of some contextually larger issue and talk about it, then there’s the completely random. Okay I’ll just be blunt here: I really don’t have any kind of internet soapbox point to make with this strip. A “water buffalo” or a “water bull” is a big trailer thingy filled with potable water that they usually bring out to field ops and such. There’s not really a whole lot to say about it, I just really wanted to show someone jerking off a water buffalo into a Camelbak.

I will say that my exposure to the “water buffalo” was also the first time I figured out what the word “Potable” meant.

I was thinking of labeling this strip in the “Literally” series, but then I figured it would kind of give the joke away in the first panel so that would be bad. I normally stick to 3-panel strips, but lately I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with different panel layouts and such, it’s always good to be inventive with comic strips. Too many artists don’t take advantage of the medium as they should, instead relying merely on what’s inside each panel to tell the story as it is. But I digress, for this is all art-gibberish and I’m sure none of you are interested in that.

In any case I’m back in the bay area, school starts back up in a couple of weeks and I’ll be busting my art-nut all over the place working on my senior project and such.

On a random note, I think it’s hilarious that pretty much every day someone posts the Duffelblog story about me being SgtMaj Kent on either my Facebook, Twitter or otherwise either in genuine distress about it or trying to bust my balls about it. I’ve already seen it over 9000 times, please stop trying to show me.

“Out.” (as they say in moto radio lingo)

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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