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Marine Corps Times Terminal Lance “Cutbacks”


With everything I’ve been doing this week I had to resort to putting up a strip previously only published in the Marine Corps Times newspaper. With all the cutbacks the Marine Corps is facing, this is no doubt where things are going to end up. I’m out, obviously, so it really doesn’t make a difference to me personally. However, some friends of mine that are still in are getting forced out for silly reasons with the downsizing. The war will be over soon, time to find another job that will let you hang out with your friends and play with guns all day.

In other news, this is my last day in LA, I’ll be heading back up to the bay tonight. This trip has been awesome, I even got to officially meet Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday and spoke with Sam Worthington for about 30 seconds. Who could ask for more?

Things will get back in the regular swing once I get back in the bay, I’ve been working nonstop and sleeping on my good friend’s couch (he was in my platoon with 3/3 India) since I’ve been here over the last 3 weeks. It’s been busy, but in the best possible way. I got to meet lots of great people, all thanks to writer/director David Ayer who brought me out here.

In the meantime, there’s always new comic strips in the Marine Corps Times newspaper every week, be sure to check it out if you’re itching for a fix of Terminal Lance.

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