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Terminal Lance #196 “Special Delivery”


An unfortunate truth of the military lifestyle is infidelity. All too often you see situations like this pop up, except unlike the comic strip they usually end up becoming violently unfunny. It’s also the case, sometimes, where everyone around the individual can tell that something is up, but he is none the wiser. Some Marines possibly just don’t want to accept the idea that their wife cheated on them, so they pretend to not care that maybe it’s a little strange that their wife is 2 months pregnant when they come home from a 6 month deployment. Maybe their child comes out bearing a year-long tan that seems uncharacteristic of a caucasian couple.

Unfortunately, people cheat.

I wish I could say this was mutually exclusive to floozy wives, but that’s also not the case. I always found it ironic that many times the same Marines that cheat on their wives every weekend while she’s “back home” get pissed when they find out that their wife cheated on them while he was on deployment.

If you do know a Marine that finds himself in this unfortunate predicament, do him a favor and bring it to his attention that maybe there’s something a little off about his new offspring. It’s a dubious honor, to be sure, but one that will do him good in the long run.

In other news, it’s entirely possible there won’t be a new comic on Tuesday, as next week is the last week of the semester. I already don’t think I’m going to be sleeping this weekend, so bear with me if I post incoherent ramblings on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

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