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Terminal Lance #192 “Life After EAS: IRR Muster”


It’s kind of like that.

For those of you unaware, “IRR” stands for “Individual Ready Reserve.” It basically means that even though you’re not active duty, you’re still under contract for another 4 years after your EAS date to attend IRR musters. The purpose of the IRR muster is really just to update your information with Uncle Sam and sit through an hour speech of people trying to convince you to reenlist. If you’re like me and you’re terribly uninterested in these sorts of things, the IRR musters really just serve as the Marine Corps’ way to get in a few last “fuck yous” while you’re off active duty trying to let your ass get fatter in peace. The Marine Corps always need you to know that you’re their bitch, even after the fact.

I suppose I don’t really see the point in the whole schpeal about reenlisting or talking to a prior-service recruiter in this day and age. 90% of the Marines I knew that got out at the same time I did tried to get back in. They were denied, like everyone else, because the Corps just isn’t letting anyone in right now.

To their credit though, the IRR musters do offer some good information about benefits and such that you should be getting after you get out. If you’re like me, however, and you already access your benefits every day, it’s kind of moot. I always found it strange though how many Marines get out and don’t use their GI Bill to go to school. When you ask them why, you get something like, “I hate school,” and it’s like, “MOTHERFUCKER THEY LITERALLY PAY YOU TO GO TO SCHOOL”. There is not one remotely good reason to not take advantage of the Post 9/11 GI Bill after you get out, honestly.

Any way, I suppose this is just on my mind because I recently got orders for an IRR Muster coming up this month. This will be my 2nd one since I got out. Last time there was free coffee, so I guess that’s something to look forward to.

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