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Terminal Lance #191 “Jambo Revival”


If you went to Iraq, you’ll get it.

Who doesn’t love the Ugandan guys that guard the American bases overseas? Honestly they were some of my favorite people over there. Throw them a “Jambo” as you walk into the DFAC and you’ll be greeted with a mighty return of favor. You can actually read a longer description of this epic event in the link above, so I won’t bore you again. I can only imagine, however, that the dream of every Ugandan over there is to open up a juice parlor in America that rips off an established franchise.

Okay, honestly I don’t really have a whole lot to say about this strip, since it’s kind of ridiculous any way, it’s actually been sitting in my sketchbook for a long time. Like many strips though, I will think of an idea, write it down, and forget about it or get tired of the joke. It’s a strange conundrum, because if I lose interest in my own joke after going over it so many times I no longer want to do the strip–despite the fact that no one else has ever seen it, so it would still be funny to any third party (theoretically at least).

As for the late update, well, I spent like 2 hours dealing with technical issues today. I was originally going to live stream the strip being made, but then I ran into a problem with Illustrator while make the Jambo Juice logo and I didn’t want to broadcast my inability to expertly navigate Adobe’s convoluted program.

But really, in the near future look forward to me live streaming some stuff, whether it be Terminal Lance or not. I’ll throw it up on Facebook when I plan on doing it. As well, if I can find time, it’s possible I’ll rent a server for BF3 and do some of that again, which turned out to be a great success last time. With the latest patch DICE went and made it easier (read: possible) to host my own game, which is cool.

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