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Terminal Lance #182 “Full Medical”


For many, the allure of full medical and dental benefits (among others) is enough to get anyone to sign a 4 year contract. I certainly didn’t even think about it when I joined, but it’s actually a pretty damn good benefit. That is, when you actually get to use it in any real way. If you’re in the infantry, odds are you avoid BAS at all costs, or are pressured into avoiding it for fear of belittlement and being considered a vagina. As well, medical treatment for the infantry usually consists of talking to the platoon corpsman, he might briefly look you over and give you some general advice you already knew–this is your “full medical” benefit.

If for whatever reason you do actually go to BAS, be it some kind of horrible infection or injury, you’ll be sent to some shady overtaken barracks building filled with corpsmen sitting around where you may or may not actually get to talk to a doctor (it may just be the Chief). Again, this is your “full medical” benefit.

It’s not all bad though, when I went to ComCam for my last 6 months the medical treatment was actually pretty great. The Headquarters Battalion medical facility was nice, clean, professional, and every time I went it was a genuine experience with a real doctor like you’d get in the civilian world. Needless to say, POG life has the clear advantage here. If you’re in the infantry though, it’s tough-love taking advantage of that full medical.

During my final physical at the HQBN medical facility, I was asked if I had any lingering medical problems. I told the doctor so much she had to write on the back of her paper. She asked why none of this was in my record, I told her because the infantry doesn’t go to BAS.

This is one of two strips I’ve done recently inspired by my illness as of late. You can find the other in this week’s Marine Corps Times newspaper! I suppose it’s been on my mind a lot, my wife also got sick so my apartment has been a biohazard of sorts over the last couple weeks. My dog thinks we’re disgusting. In other news, I’m working on a portfolio site for professional reasons. For some reason I always feel awkward explaining to people that I’m the creator of Terminal Lance, and when they see it they get an eyeful of dicks and fucks…

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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