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Terminal Lance #178 “Grunt Mode”


I’m sure this comic will be misinterpreted by some, but it’s actually more of a jab at the infantry than the Wing. For whatever reason, Grunts have a hard time comprehending (or caring about) any MOS that doesn’t begin with “03”. Whenever grunts find themselves in the odd position of being introduced or talking to a POG, as soon as they begin describing their MOS the grunt will revert to what I call “Grunt Mode”. Grunt Mode is a complete inability to give a shit about anything that doesn’t involve someone getting shot or blowing something up.

It’s not that grunts are stupid. Many, including myself, have very high test scores across the board and generally are just as capable as anyone else in this regard. Culturally, though, the average grunt is very separated from the POG world. In the grunt world, every MOS begins with “03”, and if you meet someone that doesn’t have this moniker, interest suddenly flies out the window and dies. It’s a strange paradigm, because some POG MOS’s are actually pretty cool and interesting; but good luck getting the average grunt to care about it.

Also, special thanks to Aaron for helping me out with the MOS “6074”.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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