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Terminal Lance #177 “Motivation Education”


I’m just going to be blunt: MCI’s are stupid. (Marine Corps Institution courses, commonly referred to as “MCI’s”)

Well, perhaps not so much the MCI’s as much as the system in place that says doing them increases your cutting score. No… wait… the MCI’s are stupid too.

For those of you unfamiliar with MCI’s, they’re red course booklets that every Marine has to pretend to do if they want to pick up Corporal. No one cares about them, no one takes them seriously, and they do nothing for you outside of boosting your score. They are the same kind of ancient relic of an idea like the Commandant’s Reading List and high and tight haircuts. Doing them looks good on paper, and little else. It wouldn’t be a problem if they hadn’t been inducted into the cutting score system, but since they are, you very literally can’t attain the next rank without doing them.

MCI’s are just one of those things about the Corps that needs to go away. The entire idea of it is outdated and silly. Corporal Belt-Buckle’s dumb ass can solve his own fucking problems. Marines rarely even actually read the damned things and half the Corps cheats on them anyway. “Spelling for Marines” has never improved a Marine’s spelling, “Personal Financial Management” doesn’t stop Marines from blowing their combat pay on a Dodge Charger and marrying a stripper, and “Math for Marines” just doesn’t need to exist.

I would go into how they could be replaced with more updated, modern solutions; but honestly they don’t even need to be here at all.

Okay, so maybe the strip is a little extreme… But then again, it is a cartoon.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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