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Terminal Lance #175 “Back Home”


If there’s one thing that can be said about the experience that is joining the Marines, it’s that your friends back home won’t understand a damn bit of it. For every life-altering experience you may have, good and bad, your friends back home will largely be the same way they were when you left them. Your friends will be doing the same things–going to school, not going to school, working, etc., while you’ll be barraged with culture shock and do things that none of them will probably ever have to worry about.

You’ll meet new people, see new things–new worlds even; and they won’t even begin to understand it. Going home will never be the same again, and being home for too long finds you in the precarious position of wishing you were gone again. The very idea of home becomes a distant memory, because it’s never the same as it was. It’s not that home has changed, in fact it’s remained largely the same. Sure, maybe some new stores or restaurants popped up while you were gone, but it’s hardly any different.

What’s really changed is you… and you’ll never be the same again. But hey, that’s okay. Regular people live regular lives, and you’ve lived anything but. What’s really important is that you try your best not to alienate everyone at home, and if you need help with it, don’t be afraid to seek it. Your friends and family will never understand, but they can try if you give them a chance.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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