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Terminal Lance #174 “Breaking News!”


I couldn’t help but notice, recently, when I turned on the news and found that some desk-jockey was once again telling me how someone killed some people. Except, it wasn’t just someone, it was an “Ex-Marine Iraq Veteran”, because that’s obviously really important to know right? If you didn’t know that, how would you protect yourself from the other ruthless war-machine kill-monsters that obviously are roaming the streets, juiced up on Rip-Its and PTSD?

Luckily, you don’t have to!

For every one asshole veteran that the news tells you killed someone, there’s about a million other veterans that go about their daily lives without killing anyone or anything. We all know that the news likes to focus on the negative, but the unfortunate consequence of this labeling is that it simply goes to enforce the stereotypes that undereducated civilians may have on the subject. You don’t see the news labeling races or other peoples ex-jobs every time they commit a crime, because it doesn’t matter. Being a veteran, even a war-veteran, could have absolutely nothing to do with violent behavior. It’s very possible that this person was just a giant dick-head.

In other news, I think last week’s 0352 comic upset about half the audience. The other half was like, “it’s true”. Can’t please em all right?

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