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Terminal Lance #171 “Serious Business”


The heated discussions that take place over the most asinine things in the Marine world can become very serious business. A common pass time of any Marine is to get into an argument with another Marine. We’ll debate about basically anything, from whether or not to call soda “pop” to Lindsay Lohan’s breasts–everything Marines argue about has the potential to become a real debate, and usually far more interesting than any political debate.

Usually these things happen when in the field or just on standby days, there’s always something to talk about. What drives this is the boredom of predicament that Marines tend to find themselves in on a daily basis. You’re surrounded by the same people every day, all the time, and all there is to do is talk. The kind of people that join the Marine Corps also tend to be the kind of people that will stick to their guns to the bitter end in an argument, regardless of how meaningless the battle may actually be. If you ever get a chance to witness one of these debates take place, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show, because odds are it will go on until it ends in a violent rage.

I think, in my section at least, there were two arguments that were held above all others:

“Soda” Vs. “Pop”

Captain America Vs. Wolverine

My guns? Soda and Captain America–every time.

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