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Terminal Lance #164 “It’s Already Gay II”


Whether or not you agree with allowing homosexuals to serve openly, or whether you’re even gay, straight or otherwise–one thing is for sure: The Marine Corps will probably be the gayest experience you’ll ever go through. Whether it’s the open showers, the homo-erotic humor, the lack of women in your every day life; you will never go through anything quite as gay again.

As for the baby wipes, maybe it was just my platoon, but during our trip up to Camp Pendleton in our time in the field we had to do exactly this: wipe each other down with baby wipes. Well, not the whole body, mostly it was to get the cammy-paint off of our faces, but it was still pretty gay.

I’ve actually had this strip in my head for a long time, but I figured I’d wait until all the hype around Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell died down before putting it up. I’ve been wanting to follow up the first It’s Already Gay strip for some time, but was looking for a good chance. I figure everyone that was upset about it has probably moved on, and everyone that didn’t care probably still doesn’t care.

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In other news, you have until I update on Friday to submit to me your Movember MAX-Stache contest entries! I’ve already gotten quite a few emails of some disgusting stache’s, keep it up! In no particular order or ranking, here’s some photos:

Police Those Moostaches!

Why don’t you have a seat…

It’s an “M”!

It’s Garcia!

Don’t worry, if you don’t see yours here it doesn’t mean you won’t win the contest, I just didn’t want to put all of them up.

Anyway, if you have a MAX-Stache you want to enter please email it to me at

Otherwise, have a motivated week, shitbag.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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