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Terminal Lance “Veteran’s Day Dinner”


For years, smaller restaurant chains had offered free meals to veterans and active service members on Veteran’s Day. It wasn’t until recently, however, that the major chain restaurants started participating in this glorious celebration of all things military. If you’re back in the states and are looking for some free food tonight, please don’t be like Abe here, but check out this comprehensive list of places that are offering deals and meals for veterans today!

But of course, Veteran’s Day isn’t about free food or discounts at Home Depot; it’s about honoring all of those who have served in the US military, as well as those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for what they believe in. Take today with a grain of salt, even if you’re an OIF/OEF veteran, see if you can find a veteran of a war long past and shake his hand. As well, make the best of tonight and don’t feel bad about enjoying the free food–that’s what it’s there for.

For those of you overseas, I hope the DFAC’s have prepared something good for you–they always try to make the best of holidays over there.

God bless to all veterans, old and new.

Oh and don’t forget about the Movember MAX-Stache contest. The Marines with the best mustaches by the end of November can win a free autographed copy of KNIFE-HANDS as well as a custom-designed T-shirt.

Check out the details of the contest here.

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