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Terminal Lance #159 “Checking Marriage”


I’m not sure what it is, I just feel like there’s always something to say about the ridiculosity (I made that word up) of marriage in the Marine Corps. For every responsible, level-headed Marine in a genuinely loving relationship that will last the tests of deployments and long hours, there’s about twenty douche-hammer Marines that get married with no concept of the idea.

For those of you unfamiliar with this check-list thing, when I was in every Marine that got married had to get a check-list that had to be signed by a variety of people looking to talk you out of it. From the Chaplain to First Sergeant, everyone that must sign your paper will give you a stern lecture on the seriousness of your decision–and for good reason. My marriage has lasted 5 years through two deployments, and I’m very grateful, but not everyone marries for the right reasons. My wife and I have been together since before I was enlisted–and granted, we married young–but as far as I know it was for the right reasons. So when I received my check-list, I was slightly insulted at the idea that I didn’t know what I was doing, but came to realize it was a necessity (albeit ultimately fruitless) of the command to at the very least try to talk you out of making a possible mistake.

Unfortunately, as is the story of the Marine Corps, stupid rules aren’t made for rational people–they’re made for the ones that need them.

In other news, if you missed my video on how I make the Terminal Lance comic strip from last week, check it out right here:

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