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Terminal Lance #158 “MEPS Exam”



Check out this video I made of me drawing the strip!

There’s something dubious about the mandatory exam everyone goes through when they go to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). You spend the entire day waiting, sleeping, doing strange things like duck-walking in your underwear with 20 other guys. Then, at the end of it all, you go to a small room with a lone doctor. Immediately you know it’s going to be awkward, but you suck it up and let him cup your balls, cough to the side and show him your asshole like a champ.

The rectal exam is always one of contention, mostly because of how strange it seems to anyone who hasn’t had an old man look at their butthole. It is something you hear about throughout the day, other potential recruits whisper to eachother about the “guy who looks at your ass”. Overall, though, it’s extremely painless. Undoubtedly, most doctors don’t actually get off on staring at assholes all day, so they make it as quick as possible, taking just a quick glance in reality.

The whole MEPS process is unique and strange. Your recruiter drives you to a small, windowless building with men and women in uniform manning the desks. They give you a bar-code sticker to wear on your chest proudly as you meander the waiting and exam rooms for hours at a time. For what is actually about an hour of real exams, you’ll spend upward of 10 hours at MEPS during your entrance process.

It’s a strangely telling introduction to what you’ll be in for for the next four years, but no one seems to get the hint.

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