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Terminal Lance #144 “PDA”


Any Marine that’s free of his virginity and mentally capable of a relationship with a female (or otherwise now, I suppose) may have run into this situation. Yes, in the Marine Corps’ good-Christian-valued-self-image holding hands is considered a “public display of affection”. Well, yes, it is a display of affection and I suppose it is public, but is it unprofessional to do this in uniform? I don’t think so. While I can understand the argument behind walking and talking on cell phones, walking and smoking, etc; I do feel that this particular rule is a bit absurd.

Of course, no one is trying to argue that it’s acceptable for Marines to be able to just stand around tongue-fucking their significant others in their dress blues, but I think something as innocent as a held hand is justifiable under any practical circumstances. Of course, I can only speculate as to why practicality takes a back seat to this argument for some. I’m sure regulation-thumpers with rock-hard moto-boners salivate at the thought of being able to flex their Marine Corps knowledge at the sight or mention of such a travesty, but some of us have lives and people we spend those lives with. A uniform is a lot of things, full of honor and pride and all that neat stuff–but to a significant other, its often just a series of intricately woven fabrics draped over the person they love.

In other news, in case you missed my spamming on Friday, “KNIFE-HANDS!” has officially been released. If you missed the commercial this weekend, check it out right here! (Make sure you watch it ALL THE WAY to the end) If you like the video, please share it on your Facebook wall or Twitter or whatever you use to passively “keep up with” your friends and family.

To purchase the book, click here or the link at the top of the page.

“KNIFE-HANDS!” is currently available for just $19.99–that’s 100 high-res printed strips, plus the blog posts and a bunch of extra stuff, for the price of a few drinks at a bar–and you’re much more likely to get laid with this book than you are with a slurred speech and alcohol on your breath trying to remember whatever lame pickup line you think works. We plan on doing some book signings some time in mid-late September (not sure what dates or where yet), so make sure you have a book before then! As I mentioned before, I’m not signing your genitals.

I know pay-day is coming up in a couple of days, a perfect time to grab yourself a copy of “KNIFE-HANDS!”


For international customers, we seem to be having some trouble with the ordering page. If you are out of the country and are having trouble with an international address, please order directly from Amazon. For us in the beautiful US of A, please continue to order off the publisher’s site as it is better for us and gives less money to Amazon.

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