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Terminal Lance #137 “Headlines”


In lieu of the recent “budget debates” in DC these last couple of weeks (or really whatever you’d like to call them), this strip popped up as an inevitable reaction to the inevitable budget cuts due our way. Budget cuts are something that I more or less avoided during my time, as I was in while the wars were still kicking (for the most part). Bush endowed us with a seemingly infinite amount of cash–$90k re-enlistment bonuses, new weapons and gear, barracks and base housing renovations–it was a time of unbridled glory for the military.

Naturally, however, the country is now many trillions of dollars in debt. I don’t care much for the politics of it, but its obvious that the military simply can’t be spared in the discussion of cuts. In the last couple of years, annual cuts have been a regular expectation of service members across the board. Even with this reality, there’s still news of soldiers being issued smart phones while the Marine Corps is left in the cold.

This isn’t anything new for Marines, however, as I believe budget cuts are simply a reality of our history. Uncle Sam simply doesn’t care for us in the same way he cups the balls of the Army. Some of you that read the Marine Corps Times may also have seen my recent strip on the subject. If you haven’t, go get a copy and check it out! (Actually, this was a couple issues ago so you might be out of luck unless one of your motivator friends with the subscription keeps a backlog).

As for the Navy… Well, I don’t normally like to resort to gay jokes, but come on, you were wide open.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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