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Terminal Lance #131 “Bitch and Moan”


If there’s one constant of the Marine Corps–it’s that Marines will bitch about pretty much anything. You can give them the world, but something will be wrong with it and it could probably be better. Being stationed in Hawaii, I heard the complaints every day. I can’t wait to get off this rock, fuck this place, I hate Hawaii, this island sucks–it’s truly nonstop. There’s nothing you can do about it–all the sun, beaches, warm weather and beautiful women in the world don’t seem to sway those who are convinced it’s the worst place they’ve ever been.

Unfortunately, a lot of Marines aren’t able to distinguish their raw emotions from their current situation. They’re not actually mad at Hawaii, they don’t actually hate Hawaii–their misplaced anger is incorrectly directed at the beautiful islands of Aloha. The anguish that comes with being stationed on the islands is a general feeling of discontent toward the military as a whole. To them, the islands become the Marine Corps. The Marines of Hawaii miss their homes, the islands are a new environment to most of them and it becomes alien. It is misguided angst at best, but true nonetheless.

Frankly, I loved Hawaii. After all, there are plenty of worse places to be stationed. Take a look at 29 Palms–or as I refer to it: “Satan’s asshole”. Secluded in the California desert, it is easily the most miserable permanent duty station in the Corps that I’ve ever been to–and my experiences were limited to couple of runs through Mojave Viper.

I’m sure the Marines in the desert reading this are going, “WTF? Marines bitch about Hawaii?” Yes. Yes they do. Every day.

It’s true, Marines will bitch about anything.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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