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Terminal Lance #128 “Fresh Meat”


To be honest I don’t really have any biting commentary on this. I think it’s a generalization that food in the military sucks. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it isn’t. I don’t doubt that the military buys from the lowest bidder; but I don’t give credibility to the rumors that we’re provided “Grade F meat”. Regardless, there’s something undoubtedly sinister about a “meat” that can be stored in a bag for up to a year and eaten hot or cold.

Your best bet for success? Throw as much of that little Tabasco bottle at it as you can.

Even outside of MRE’s though, there were all kinds of questionable animal by-products presented to us abroad. I recall during my 2nd deployment, the chow halls in Iraq in 2009 actually served lobster on some nights. Lobster. I never once touched the stuff–for some reason I figured that an ocean-dwelling crustacean had no place in the middle of the desert.

In other news, Monday was Memorial Day. I hope everyone was able to take a moment to remember their fallen brethren, as well as enjoy some time off.

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