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Terminal Lance “Sunday Haircut” by Robert Bates


Hello everyone, my name is Terminal LCpl. Rob Bates. I’m a former Sergeant, carry an 0311 MOS, but more importantly, I’m also a Combat Artist. Just a few days ago, Max presented me with an offer that I absolutely could not refuse:

Create the next Terminal Lance comic strip.

As you can all see, when it comes to making comics, I am no Max Uriarte. However, I do believe that the illustration does get the point across. I simply hate going to the base barber for many reasons. For one, most are incapable of calling out the numbers in proper sequential order, or even at a reasonable speed for that matter. Two, they are rude to their customers, aka Marines. And three, they fail to achieve the very thing that they get paid to do—cut hair.

Here is a picture of my hair, cut by Camp Lejeune’s finest.

I guess it boils down to this—the Marine Corps is content knowing that 60% of their Marines roam the base freely with jacked up haircuts. If you think about it, they actually pay for your hair to look like this. Nevertheless, it is the Marine Corps and some things never change. I suppose one way to avoid this problem is to stop paying $6.00 for a professional barracks cut, and instead, drop a few more bucks out in town for something slightly more presentable.



You can find more of Robert Bates work on his website. As well, check him out on Facebook here.

Rob just recently got accessioned to the National Museum of the Marine Corps, officially making him a Combat Artist. He specializes in pencil portraits and has done a lot of work recently honoring deceased Marines of OIF and OEF. Check him out!


Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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