Terminal Lance #118 “The Hunt”

April 12, 2011

I recently watched the BBC series “Life” on BluRay and came to the conclusion that a Staff NCO on the prowl is actually quite similar to a large cat hunting grazing animals of the African Savannah. Now that I say that out loud (or on screen I suppose), maybe I’ve just been watching too many documentaries. While the comparison may hold some amount of weight on the surface, there is a very important difference between the two:

Lions and other large cats hunt animals to survive, often risking their lives to bring down prey so it can live to hunt another day. This is a matter of life and death for the lion.

For the Staff NCO (or extremely motivated NCO)? Not so much. I’ve never felt an intrinsic or instinctual urge to yell at someone for putting their cold hands in their pockets. I’ve never had any animalistic need to correct someone’s moostache hairs. Frankly, I really wouldn’t care if I saw a Marine wearing a cammie blouse and no pants–in fact, I’d slap him on the ass and tell him “good game!”

This leads me to my next point…

Someone recently posted this on the Facebook fan page:


I’m not sure of the details of this photo, but through my precise, scientific examination it would appear to be an officer that doesn’t give a fuck stirring some coffee at a Carl’s Jr. The caption reads:

an officer told by a cpl ” you know better then to be in here in PT gear”, the officer said ” oh sorry”, then proceeds to get coffee haha

My reaction? Hell yeah, sir. Fuck it, go to Carl’s Jr. in your fucking underwear, who cares? If I were an officer, I would do the exact same thing. I commend you, sir. You have shown a genuine disinterest in rules and regulations that really don’t matter, and you’ve done it with absolute grace as you continue to get your coffee wearing PT shorts and an issued fleece, rocking a low-reg.

Terminal Lance of the Week

I’d also like to take a minute to talk about another photo that was posted on Facebook. This photo was posted by me, of a pretty good-looking Princess Leia with a Marine. I threw this image up to make the point that not all Princess Leia cosplayers are as unfortunate as the ones that I spotted at WonderCon. This image was emailed to me.

Solo Would be Proud

If you’re like me, this is how you saw the image in the order indicated:

The correct way to view this photo

You’ll notice that only at step 9 and 10 did I even glance at the Marine, and that’s strictly out of habit. I don’t actually give two shits about his ribbons or his rank. I was staunchly disappointed to find that most of the comments on Facebook centered around the one thing I didn’t even notice: the Marine’s white belt.

Really? Is looking at men’s belts common practice when you’re looking at photos of hot girls in slave Leia outfits? Apparently for some Marines it is. I only say this because it’s been my point since the creation of this site; but if you are one of the people that genuinely cared about this Marine’s belt, you are what’s wrong with the Marine Corps. People that are so blind to their Marine Corps moto-boners that they fail to practice common sense. This Marine could be without pants at all, and I probably would’ve only given it a marginal glance, if not even more likely a chuckle.

If you’re shocked by the rhetoric I’m speaking with this commentary, I’d like to take a moment to remind you that you’re visiting It’s a comic called Terminal Lance. I think you see where I’m going with this…

Anyway, enough ranting. In site news, there’s some things in store in the near future so stay on the standby for that.