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Terminal Lance #118 “The Hunt”


I recently watched the BBC series “Life” on BluRay and came to the conclusion that a Staff NCO on the prowl is actually quite similar to a large cat hunting grazing animals of the African Savannah. Now that I say that out loud (or on screen I suppose), maybe I’ve just been watching too many documentaries. While the comparison may hold some amount of weight on the surface, there is a very important difference between the two:

Lions and other large cats hunt animals to survive, often risking their lives to bring down prey so it can live to hunt another day. This is a matter of life and death for the lion.

For the Staff NCO (or extremely motivated NCO)? Not so much. I’ve never felt an intrinsic or instinctual urge to yell at someone for putting their cold hands in their pockets. I’ve never had any animalistic need to correct someone’s moostache hairs. Frankly, I really wouldn’t care if I saw a Marine wearing a cammie blouse and no pants–in fact, I’d slap him on the ass and tell him “good game!”

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