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Terminal Lance #117 “Pay Freeze Woes”


I think I ended up focussing more on the moral implications of internet porn versus regular format porn. Either way, I don’t know anyone that actually pays for porn anymore. If they do, they probably don’t know what the internet is anyway.

In more important news, I’m sure everyone is aware of the pay freeze going on. Being a student these days, I only know what I’ve read in the papers about it. I do know that it is completely absurd. For starters, how did it even get to this point? I always thought there was some plan in place to prevent things like this from actually happening. Backup plans, plan “B”s, alternatives, preparations… but then again, having worked for the government for a 4 year contract, I suppose I am absolutely able to believe that they had no backup plan.

I choose to keep Terminal Lance a-political, and I won’t get into it today either. However, I think it’s rather despicable on all parties involved that the men and women serving the nation have to deal with this directly. Granted, there will be back pay from what I understand; but we have enough problems already, and this doesn’t help anyone. Instead of compromise, they chose to say simply: fuck it.

I hope all of this nonsense gets sorted out quickly.

Otherwise, have a good weekend! I’ve been getting a lot of emails about prints. I’m going to try and get some put up for sale soon, so look forward for that in the indefinite, but near future.

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