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Terminal Lance #115 “Welcome Back”


You ever notice how whenever you come back from block leave, your Platoon Sergeant will always try to make it seem like it’s some grand secret that there’s going to be a company-wide urinalysis? Well, if you haven’t caught on by now, every time you come back from leave, you’ll get the good ol’ piss test. If you’re unlucky enough to be an NCO, you’ll probably end up on “cock-watch”, or the unfortunate duty of watching people urinate all morning.

What’s even more astonishing than the standard-issue piss test are the idiots that actually pop on it. You were on leave, you knew you were gonna get tested when you got back, and yet you still decided to smoke or snort something. That’s just one of those “fucked yourself” situations.

In other news, I’m obviously back from my self-declared week off. Spring Break was in full effect last week so I decided that I was going to take advantage of it–not to mention I had company over the entire time anyway. Expect the site to be back in action and back on the regular schedule of Tuesday and Friday.

I’ve mentioned it before many times, but for those of you that haven’t heard, I’ll be at WonderCon in San Francisco this weekend with the Concord Vet Center. Come by our booth and say hi, you could get some free Terminal Lance shit, I’ve got a few t-shirts I’ll be signing autographs for whomever wants such things.

Oh and lastly, for those of you that are into such things; please feel free to follow me on Twitter @TLCplMax, and if you haven’t already, we’re up to 21,000 Facebook fans–so become a fan!

Also, check out this fan photo uploaded by Andrew Morris on the Facebook fan page.

lol, boots

You laugh, but the kid on the left killed that tiger himself–with nothing more than a cigarette lighter and a shower-shoe. The red blood and flesh of the dismembered feline can still be seen on the inside of his garment.

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