Terminal Lance #95 “The Truth About Tray-Rat Sausages”

January 11, 2011

I’ve always had a personal disdain for the sausages served in tray-rat breakfast. After the first time biting into the over-processed, foul tasting entity I vowed to never again submit myself to their tyranny. I was first exposed to these horrifying sticks of meat during training on the big island of Hawaii, or PTA as the base camp is known. During this time, while standing around in circles talking to eachother, it became a sort of inside joke that they were actually manufactured by Yoda himself.

You can see here, him stealing the sausage out of Luke’s MRE:

Yoda enjoying Luke’s Tray-Rat Sausage

Yoda actually operates a sausage-factory on the top of highest peak of the Big Island of Hawaii, where a conveyor runs between plethoras of defecating felines.

Long story short, I don’t eat the tray-rat sausages. Neither should you.