Terminal Lance #94 “Moto Parents”

January 7, 2011

While my mother has never gotten a high and tight, I have noticed an overwhelming wave of motivation fall upon my loved ones. Like some kind of illness, the motivation takes many forms, usually more severe than anything I’ve ever displayed. I’ve never worn a shirt with a giant EGA or brandished anything overtly “USMC”, but that hasn’t stopped any of my family members. Somehow even when all you can think about is an EAS date or changing out of cammies, all your family wants to do is surround you with “oorahs” and watch war movies with you when you come home on leave.

I wanted to include another panel of a family dog with a high and tight, but three panels is sometimes limiting.

Well it has officially been a year since Terminal Lance started. Don’t think I’ve forgotten, or that I’ve forgotten that Terminal Lance #100 is fast approaching. Expect something special for this grand even.

With that said, I’m totally addicted to reruns of Survivorman on Netflix watch instantly. For some reason I feel like I wasn’t trained enough in the Marines for survival as one would expect. This guy knows every plant and animal thats edible basically known to man, I would probably die in the first few days after eating some poisonous berry or brightly colored frog trying to survive in the amazon. I suppose I could make it in the desert or in the mean jungles of Oahu, but outside of that I feel cheated.

And this guy’s fucking Canadian!