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Terminal Lance #88 “Shiny Things”


This is really more of a jab at how dumb Marines are than it is a jab at the Navy. Lets be honest here, any Marine who says they’ve never accidentally saluted a sailor is lying, or a boot. It happens. Hell, I’ve accidentally saluted other enlisted Marines with worn out rank. Even further, Marines have accidentally saluted me! It happens.

In a world where you’re literally on edge–two-four-seven–for the likes of those shiny collars; on standby for the moment you need to spring that trusty knife-hand forward of your cover’s brim and offer some half-assed greeting to satisfy some butterbar’s ego–it’s hard to not be paranoid and a little trigger happy about it. Now, it doesn’t happen often, but the Navy uniforms don’t help.

Seriously–shiny rank? On a Marine base? You’re just asking for trouble.

In site news. The fundraiser is still going on! So far you, the readers of Terminal Lance, have raised over $2,000! I must say I am quite impressed. If we keep this up I will try my best to put up some extra stuff for you! This week is kind of crazy for me being finals week at my school, but I will do my best on the weekend at least to get some bonus content up for you all. The fundraiser itself is going great, sans a couple of snags on the PayPal side, but those are being worked out as we speak.

The Donation box accepts PayPal accounts as well as credit cards, without having to sign up for an account. I am not handling any physical money or checks for security reasons–I don’t want any part of that stuff. The transfer to Toys for Tots on December 20th will be directly to their own PayPal account, so as to make sure there is nothing in between your money and Toys for Tots.

But anyway, we’re doing fantastic! Keep it up!

Oh and before I forget, make sure you check out the Marine Corps Times newspaper for a special print edition of Terminal Lance! That’s right, Terminal Lance is officially legit. 8)

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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