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Terminal Lance #83 “Too Much Chow Hall”


This is something I relate more to from my 2009 deployment to Camp Cupcake: al Asad. You know those guys that stay back at the main installations and you can swear they get fatter each time you see them? That is the result of three full, daily servings of that DFAC magic. For the most part, your average grunt will tend to lose weight, either from a lack of decent food or just a refusal to eat MRE’s. However, back in the rear–those larger bases with which we bestow our many beloved DFAC’s, Green Beans Coffee and even Cinnabon–you will continually find Marines struggling to maintain their weight.

Even for Fobbits, POG’s and grunts stuck in the rear, there are some easy solutions to this. For one, instead of gorging yourself on the fast chow line–try the salad bar? Large installations usually have superb gym facilities as well. Take advantage of it.

I think we’re all familiar with this Marine Corps meme by this point:

Lets keep it that way, yeah?

In site news, there were some server issues today–however they have been resolved. My new host didn’t quite realize how popular Terminal Lance was, and wasn’t prepared for the onslaught. It has since been addressed and fixed, so no worries there. The prints sold quickly, I will be shipping the last of the paid for strips tomorrow. I apologize for the delay, this is a very hectic time of year of course. I look forward to selling a couple more sets of prints for the holidays.

Oh, and before I forget, there is a free shipping sale going on in the Terminal Lance store this week. From Wednesday, Nov. 24th to Sunday, Nov 28th, enter the coupon code: SHIP2010 and you will receive free shipping on all orders $35 or more. Remember, it doesn’t start until Wednesday Nov 24th, and lasts until Sunday Nov 28th. A perfect time to order that sweet Terminal Lance Hoodie, or that Terminal Lance skivvy shirt you’ve been eyeing.

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