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The winner’s name is Sean Elliot.

There were a lot of great submissions to the Comic Strip Contest. Unfortunately, there can be only one winner, the honor of which goes to the forum user treeflower. (I will update with the user’s actual name when I receive the info.)

I had no official criteria for choosing a winner, but ultimately this strip’s simple but effective artwork combined with a great punchline added up to being a strip that I ultimately enjoyed the most. It was a hard decision, but I appreciate everyone’s submissions and effort. I wanted to put up some additional strips that were good. I can’t put them all up, but here are 4 other entries that are worth mentioning:

By Surrounded903

Seeing some Marine wives around base is always good for a laugh.

By Coonass

Irony is never lost in the Corps, even on deployment.

By Richard Bantigue (Click to see full sized)

I think all of us had this problem… unless you were one of the short guys. As someone that’s 6′ even, it was something I remember quite fondly.

By Jane Wayne (Click to see full sized)

I actually was planning on doing a strip on this subject, looks like someone beat me to it!

If you would like to see the rest of the entires, please feel free to visit the thread on the Forum here.

Overall I thought the entries were great, and I was surprised to see 3 strips about Drill Instructors. I suppose it makes sense, after all, boot camp is the one thing that all Marines actually have in common. They are a universally recognized aspect of Marine Corps culture, regardless of rank or MOS.

Anyway, thank you to everyone that submitted a strip! Congratulations to forum user treeflower! This was definitely a fun thing, perhaps something that could happen again in the future…

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