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Terminal Lance #78 “Bad Ideas are Always the Funniest”


This strip is about Halloween… not Butter Bars…


Okay, well, it’s not my fault that 2nd Lieutenants are such easy targets. I don’t mean to resort to such simple poo-flinging humor, but I wanted a reason to do a Halloween strip–as well as show someone dress up like a giant boot.

Anyway, I hope all of you had a good Halloween this weekend. I celebrated last weekend, actually, and dedicated last night to being on trick-or-treater duty. Though I had a wealth of candy and sweets awaiting their migration into the bags and ultimate digestive tracts of ghoulish children–I was more surprised than disappointed to say that we didn’t get a single trick or treater on this spooky night. I guess kids just don’t have fun like they used to. I recall my younger days of Halloween quite fondly, dressing up as some grotesque creature and going door to door in search of sugary delights.

Of my 4 Halloweens in the Marine Corps, two were spent in relative freedom. The other two, the first being in Camp Pendleton while I was at SOI. The 2nd being on my first Iraq deployment. Neither of the latter were anything memorable, just another day at work if anything.

Anyway, I don’t have a whole lot to say about the strip. The continuing conflict of enlisted versus officer will always exist. I don’t really pride myself on taking sides, but humor is humor.

In site news, we’ve gotten some great submissions to the Terminal Lance Comic Strip Contest! If you want to submit a comic, tomorrow is the last day! Remember, the winner will receive an autographed Terminal Lance print. All contest submissions must be submitted to the Terminal Lance Comic Strip Contest thread in the forum. Click the link to take you to the official thread, which also explains the rules. As well, you can view other members’ submitted work.

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