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Terminal Lance #70 “Addicted to Fail”


I don’t personally dip; however, it has always boggled my mind how people who are addicted to such vices can go to the field every week and forget to bring the very substance they covet so dearly. It seems like every time we were in the field, a severe shortage of tobacco products occurred almost immediately upon arrival. Marines skulked the formation of packs waiting for someone to pull out a can, a carefully selected bum akin to a vulture, circling its dead or wounded meal before landing and taking.

My vice? Caffeine. I accounted for this, however, and would bring strategically placed caffeinated items such as gum or energy “shots” along with me. It’s not hard to plan for, typically you know how long a field op is going to be and, as any good Marine should, plan accordingly to what they may need. Perhaps dip should be placed on the gear list, in order to remind those otherwise incapable of reminding themselves.

No matter the suggestions, there will always be those that forget to bring their tobacco. When asked why they forgot it, they almost always reply, “I gave it all to other people.”

Similar, then, is the idea that there are no thieves in the Marine Corps–just those trying to get their shit back.

As for my obligatory random nude Marine in body-armor theme we apparently have going now–I will leave you with this image posted by Sam Dreyer:


Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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