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Terminal Lance #69 “My Own Personal Hell”


Probably my worst memories of garrison life were at the local Armory in beautiful Kaneohe Bay. The amount of hours we spent there as a company and a platoon were probably the equivalent to many months of real time. For as much as I can remember of my bootest of years, we spent just about every day at the armory in some form or another when we weren’t in the field. There was a week straight where we spent 6 hours every day cleaning the same weapons. You can only clean an M4, M16, SAW or otherwise so much before you start stripping the black off if it. More recently, after my first deployment, we spent 13 straight hours at the Armory, we were there until 2300 cleaning weapons because supposedly someone important was going to inspect our armory.

The cleaning isn’t necessarily the worst part, but the idea of being there is what bothers me. The atmosphere, it just reeks of misery and crushed dreams outside of that cold, stone building. Worst yet, standing in what seems like a line that never moves when you come in from a field op or otherwise, everyone rushing to the window to turn their weapons in simultaneously, as if over the years they haven’t discovered that the window is only physically capable of receiving one weapon at a time.

Anyway, outside of horrible Armory memories, Terminal Lance #59 went on print sale earlier this week on eBay. Check out the listing here. They will make a fantastic gift for any drill instructors you may know! There are only 5 left though, so make sure you get on that asap.

Also, I thought of doing something specifically special for #69… but then I remembered I’m not a hardcore porn site, and carried on with my life.

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